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Double-barrelled question

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1. Develop three double-barrelled questions related to flying and passengers' airline preferences. Explain why you should avoid these questions. Also develop corrected versions of each question.

2. How do the nature and degree of verbal description affect the response to itemized rating scales? Provide a detailed example to illustrate your response.

3. Visit the website of one of the online marketing research firms (for example, Greenfield Online Research Center, Inc.) Locate a questionnaire being currently administered at this site. Critically analyze the questionnaire using the principles discussed in this unit.

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I. Double-barrelled questions related to flying and passengers' airline preferences

1. Please indicate your degree of preference on the food served and flight schedules of ABC Air Line.
____Highly preferred
____Slightly preferred
____Not preferred

This item is double-barrelled because it includes two aspects in which the respondents will have to rate in terms of preference- food served and flight schedule. The respondent would be confused because he has to provide only one answer to two aspects that are being rated. The respondent may highly prefer the food served but does not prefer or dislike the flight schedules'
The item may be converted into two items: one for food served and another for the flight schedule. The same choice of responses may be provided.

2. Morning and afternoon flight schedules suit my business needs.
___Yes ___No

In this item, the respondent is provided with two issues or aspects to respond to - morning flight schedule and ...

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The expert develops three double-barreled questions related to flying and passengers' airline preferences.

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