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Book report on 'The Popcorn Report' by Faith Popcorn

I'm doing a book report on "The Popcorn Report", but I do not know how to format the report, or what to add about the book?

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See below for a standard format for a book report. I viewed several different formats and most of them said to double space a book report using APA style, and that a standard book report is at least 3 pages long.

I've not read "The Popcorn Report", but I can start the book report for you using the outline below. I assume you have read the book and can correct any errors based on your knowledge of the book.


Faith Popcorn authored the book, "The Popcorn Report" in 1991. The content of the book forecasted 10 trends in marketing, consumer behavior and other cultural changes she expected to surface and develop throughout the 1990s. Over the years, the book has drawn severe criticism in some camps as 'pure fantasy'. Faith herself suggested that in retrospect, her predictions were 95% accurate, but there are those who would disagree with her.

Faith Popcorn, born in 1948 as Faith Plotkin, was raised in New York and attended and graduated from New York University and the New York High School of ...

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The solution gives the format for a book report including outline and length. The introduction is written and the body of the report is partially completed including what should follow to finish it. The conclusion is not prepared. What is written is over 400 words long plus a sample listing of inclusion questions for a proper book report format.