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'Ansoff's Product-Market Matrix'

How might a small volume producer (Niche Marketer) competes with a large volume producer (Mass Marketer) ?

Eavaluate the product-market strategies of each & discuss the fators that enable each producer to increase market share at the expense of the other:
- In the LONG TERM

I'm almost done with it but im unable link the 'Ansoff's Product-Market Matrix' to evaluate the product-market strategies of each producer & how they can increase their market share.

Please find the attached file for 'Ansoff's Product-Market Matrix' and help me solve my problem.



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Ansaff Product market matrix provides four strategic options to chose from:

Market Penetration
Product Development
Market Development

For a large volume producer, the strategy that suits him most is market penetration in the sense it needs to capture more and more market share in order to increase its sales and justify its large volume of production. It needs to capture market share at the expense of other large players and obtain more and more economies of scale with higher sales, revenue and production.

Developing new markets for the existing product lines will also help in augmenting the sales of its existing products. Exploring export markets will be beneficial in this ...

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Ansoff's Product-Market Matrix