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Team Management for Manufacturing Environments

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You've emphasized plenty of times between you initial post and your replies the desire for people to work hard, no matter the job.

As Thruster-Organizer, the end of the project is sometimes, for lack of better word, boring. And Iâ??m searching over the horizon for the next job/task, and the current project can have a tendency to take a back seat. It is not as if that Iâ??m not going to do the task, it is just going to be my top priority anymore.

My question to you is how do you deal with this type of person?

Also, I come from a manufacturing environment that office personnel, or white collar folks, are labeled as lazy reclining paper pushers. Now I know that is not totally true, and the manufacturing folks' labor is more physical, but what would be your response to those people that pick on the quality folks that say they do nothing all day but sit in their office waiting for a phone call to come from their desk to document the issue and then return to their desk to 'recline in the chair some more'?

My point is that sometimes people's role on the team changes, or their level of involvement goes up and down as the project moves along. As they start to step away from the project, their response times tend to take a little long than those that are still heavily involved in the project. Are they working as hard as someone heavily involved? It may seem like they are not, because they are no longer directly connected to the project, or it is no longer their top priority.

Dealing with this in my opinion is an understanding of the big picture and the roles that everyone plays in project in that moment in time.

What are your thoughts?

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I think the fact that the person is ready to take on the new challenges is a positive sign for the group. While others are still working and completing their tasks, the people in the group who are finished or nearly finished could be resting on their previous work and taking a break. The person who is now engaged in the next idea or project is making a head start that can benefit the whole group. Knowledge is power and reading the environment during down times is one way a ...

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