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    FMC: Green River and Aberdeen

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    What do you see as some of the major challenges of organizational behavior and management over the next several decades that both FMC locations; Green River and Aberdeen will have to consider-with particular emphasis on organizational commitment and job satisfaction? Explain why those are significant to this company. Use the text, other materials, and your own experience to support your argument.

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    Please see attached response, as well as two supporting articles to consider.

    Organizational commitment and Job Satisfaction (e.g., they must keep focused on using the team approach; team building, team leadership; need to train all manager/employees/ to match skills with job requirements; hire/screen any new hires to match skills with participatory values; train leaders or have leaders use the participatory style techniques to encourage and engage all team players into the decision making process; → shown to increase employee commitment, job satisfaction and create a culture of high morale).
    In other words, 1.One of the challenges will be team leadership - long-term issue for the plants will be having leaders that are well-trained in participatory principles and leaders that are committed in order to keep the team members on track, but yet not to take over control of the team. A leader that is able to give control over to the team, allow the team to set the rules, have flexible hours, to ...

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    Concerning FMC locations at Green River and Aberdeen, this solution examines some of the major challenges of organizational behavior and management over the next several decades e.g. especially organizational commitment and job satisfaction. The significance of these challenges is also examined. Supplemented with two informative articles on FMC and participatory management techniques.