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Walmart Diversity

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Using a search engine of your choice, find the web site for WalMart. Using their "Careers" section, explore the topic of Diversity. Using Microsoft Word, discuss what WalMart has done to strengthen its diversity in approximately 100 words. In addition, create a table that rates diversity efforts across the following categories—Top Management Support, Employee Support, Recruitment and Hiring, Identifying and Developing Talent, Ensuring Fair Treatment, Holding Managers Accountable, and Improving Relationships with External shareholders. Your table should have three columns. The first column should list the categories, the second should give your rating from 1-10, and the third column should give your reasons for your rating. Any sources used need to be cited according to APA format. Due to a death at my workplace I have not had time to properly prepare - any help would be great

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An examination of diversity at Walmart. Also, a matrix of key factors and how well Walmart scores based on their programs and initiatives. The review of Walmart and its diversity is centered around their career section of the website and their corporate responsibility plan.