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    Analysis of Technology Management

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    You are the task manager for a large customer service corporation consisting of 1,000 employees. You are responsible for 25 direct reports in your department. You have noticed that over the past year there has been a significant decline in the ability of employees to use and manage the technology of the organization. It is currently to the point where production is suffering. Your task is to improve the Technology Management of your employees in your department. You are given 6 months to complete this, as the season nears when you are the busiest with customers. Describe how you are going to turn your department around within the 6 month period.

    Issues to focus on:
    - Identification of issues, concerns, and incidents leading to poor Technology Management
    - Strategies and techniques used to improve Technology Management
    - The timeframe strategy used for producing these results with a 6 month period

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    The solution highlights key ares which one could address given the scenario. For example addressing issues, concerns and incidents identifications that are held responsible for poor technology management; such as lack of skill set required, old outdated technology, lack of training etc, deploying various strategies and techniques to Improve Technology Management... Attached file contains 1300+ words answer including references.