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    Network Diagram

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    Create a network diagram that represents the local area network at the main location as it currently is set up. Include the network hardware used to connect the network segments, as well as the servers and workstations. After completing the diagram, write a brief 1-2 page report describing the key areas of the diagram that your boss would like to have you explain to him, including: the router used to connect the Ethernet and Token Ring Network Topologies, the use of the servers and their location.

    Demonstrate how networks are linked, explain cable types and issues in selecting network hardware

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    In Surebank I propose that Ethernet interface be used. Ethernet has several features that can bring benefits to Surebank. Ethernet does not suffer if there are holdups in the carrying out of network requests. Moreover, Ethernet provides powerful interaction facility for the controller. This helps remote monitoring, diagnostics and trouble shooting. In addition Ethernet supports the use of TCP/IP model. Token Ring Network on the other hand has the serious problem. The failure of a single computer or even a connection disables the entire network. Further, using Token Ring Network leads very costly wiring, costly adaptor cards and tricky connections. I suggest the phasing out of Token Ring Network from Surebank.

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    This solution gives you a network diagram that represents the local area network at the main location.. It also gives you an idea of how networks are linked, the cable types and issues in selecting hardware.