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Information System Management/Error Solutions

Can you please help with the following study question.

2. As Maintenance Manager, Cargo Management Systems, you are constantly
bombarded by system users requesting fixes to data and the resulting reports
caused by erroneous data entry. You have made significant changes to the
programs in an attempt to edit the data entered to reduce the errors. You
have brought this to the attention of your superiors and their response is
that the production system must be fixed in order to maintain the integrity
of the data and reporting. They have given you additional resources and
budget to fix the problem.
How will you use these resources and budget?

1. What should your response be to management?

2. What else could you do to improve this dilemma?

3. Are there other procedural changes that should be considered?

4. Or, do you accept your fate and continue doing what you have been and consider yourself fortunate to be employed?

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1. There are numerous fixes to this problem so the response to management should be that whether it is by using internal tools or by external training, the problem would be solved.
2. Further training for the system users may reduce the errors produced in the erroneous data entry. This ...