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    Identity Management

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    Why is Identity Management (IDM) a critical issue right now for organizations? Find an organization that uses IDM or is in the process of implementing and describe some of the benefits and costs that are being provided to the organization. How would you go about implementing IDM within an organization?

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    Identity management is a critical issue for an organization because businesses have to rely on agile systems to adapt to continually evolving challenges and take advantages of new opportunities. Speed is important and there is pressure on the IT staff to give information resources fast and easily when required by users. There is need for information protection and at the same time there is need to manage access protection to the firm's critical systems. The challenge of Identity Management is driven by the fact that there is need for new users to get faster access to resources required to do their work, satisfy their changing needs and keep them productive. Identity Management is critical because it deals with identifying individuals in a system and controlling their access to resources within that system by ...

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    This solution explains critical issues in identity management. Some benefits and costs that are being provided to the organization are determined. The sources used are also included in the solution.