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Developing Business Rules for Roboboys

I need help designing business rules for this company. I have attached a outline in with the topics that need to be expanded on. Based on your work to date, draft a set of business rules for the database you are designing. Use the file attached as the outline.


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This design has emerged during the meeting of RoboBoys held on 13th June. The design of the database to be created has been discussed and the results are explained below.

There are three models of robots that RoboBoys makes. The models are named Classic, Competition, and RoboKid. Each model comes in different colors. Classic is made in three colors, red, blue and green colors. Competition is sold in two colors, silver and black. RoboKid comes in four colors namely baby blue, pink and yellow. This means that if a person decides to purchase Classic he is offered a choice of three colors, if a person elects to buy Competition he has a choice of two colors and if a person goes in for RoboKid, he can select among four colors.

The company ...

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This solution talks about the design of business rules for Roboboys.. It also develops a manufacturing process for robots.