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    Describe an information system

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    Please provide a description of an information system that you have encountered, such as an automated teller machine (ATM). Use the concepts of input, processing, output, and feedback to describe the system's function and value.

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    Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) conduct many transactions that would otherwise require staff attention: they furnish account information, accept deposits, draw down on pre-approved loans and transfer funds. The use of ATMs frees loan officers to focus on personalized services and the machines can potentially deliver a broader range of services. ATMs are most effective for banks and financial institutions that accept savings and want to serve customers in multiple locations and/or during non-business hours. A single machine can cost as much as Rs. 8 to 10 lakh and requires reliable electric and communications connections. Banks generally consider ATMs when high transaction volumes put pressure on staff, traditional operating hours do not suit client needs and when decided to offer a range of financial services.

    Typical ATMs have two input devices (a card reader and keypad) and four output devices (display screen, cash dispenser, receipt printer, and speaker). Not visible to the client is a communications mechanism that links the ATM directly to an ATM host network. The ATM functions much like a PC; it comes with an operating system (usually OS/2) and specific application software for the user interface and communications. Whereas most ATMs use magnetic strip cards and personal identification numbers (PINs) to identify account ...

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    800+ words outline ATM processes from the perspective of one looking at information systems 'in the wild'.