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Computer Applications- ClipArt

The ClipArt Directory: Microsoft provides an abundance of clip art images, icons, backgrounds, and wizards to help you create professional looking Web pages. At times, however, you may want to venture onto the Internet to find more resources. Many sites exist online for you to download free clip art and other Web page resources.

Explore the Internet to discover at least two additional sites (other than Microsoft) that offer ClipArt, either free or for a price. If you have real world or hobby experience with ClipArt sites, include them as part of the minimum two sites and write about the reason(s) why you use these sites. If you haven't used ClipArt before, search for two sites and provide at least one example for use of each site in a practical way. Include the type of ClipArt found at your sites, including categories or special interest areas for the site.

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Clip arts are essentially pieces of artwork that you can insert into your powerpoint slides, word documents.. they add variety, excitement and character to your Microsoft documents. Clip ares however need to be used sparingly, because too many of them will distract the reader from your words, and will make your document seem to busy, or too childish. Used sparingly and appropriately, clip art are a nice added touch.

There are thousands of sites where you could search for clip arts. The first one is appropriately called http://www.ClipArt.com/en/ You actually have to pay to download the clip-arts. The reason why you have to pay is that the money goes to the artist in terms of royalties. This site also has a royalty free area, where you can download ...

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This posting explores the computer application called ClipArt. It also describes several popular websites where clip-art can be purchased or downloaded for free.