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    Advancement in Production Technology

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    Advancement in production technology
    "Technology, production Linkages and women's employment in South Asia"
    1 - Discuss the advancement in terms oh how it is used
    2 - Why it is used
    3 - When it became

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    The Green Revolution is technology that helps agricultural companies do their job. The Green Revolution technology with knowing what to plant, how many to plant, and where to plant. It can also help with the seeds themselves, quality and kind of seed. Additionally, it can help with decisions about fertilizer. Women who work plant management in larger companies have seen their roles improved because they perform the farm management duties.

    Other technical innovations include using speed and timing and organizational processes to perform rice planting. For women, this is important because they are the ones that they must use to cut, weed, and harvest the rice in many areas, by hand. Mechanical transplanters, mechanical and manual, are being tested in some areas. The yields are higher meaning more wages ...

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