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If you should conduct an Internet search using the keywords "Qualitative Interviews in Evaluation Meg Sewell." Read the article, "The Use of Qualitative Interviews in Evaluation:. Use the procedures outlined in this article to conduct an interview with a workplace supervisor, administrator, manager, Human Resources Manager, or co-worker, where you will identify and address key issues necessary to educate your organization about the value, expectations, and requirements to initiate an Action Research project. You will summarize the interview into major concerns.

THE WEBSITE IS REALLY THIS ONE http://ag.arizona.edu/fcs/cyfernet/cyfar/Intervu5.htm

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// In this paper, we will discuss about Qualitative Interviews, their importance and the purposes they are used for. We will also discuss issues, while conducting the interviews of different levels of employees, where the value, expectations and requirements to initiate an 'Action Research Project', will be addressed: //

Qualitative Interviews

For an organization, it is necessary to conduct qualitative interviews for evaluating the processes and procedures going on in the organization. It also assists in establishing an action research program for identifying and resolving the key issues within the organization. Qualitative interviewing technique provides a base to the employees of the organization for conveying their responses accurately and precisely to the interviewer. The responses given by the employees act as raw material for making strategies regarding the issues faced by the employees (Sewell, 2008).

For conducting interviews of the workplace supervisor, administrator, manager, human resource manager and co-workers, we can implement the interview guide approach of qualitative interviewing. With the assistance of this technique, the interviewer will be able to convey the issues faced by the employees to the top management so as to assist the top management in becoming able to implement an action research project to handle the issues effectively and efficiently. The interview guide approach will assist the organization in attaining systematic and intensive information about the employees (Sewell, 2008).

// We have so far discussed the significance of Qualitative Interviews, and that we can implement the interview guide approach of interviewing, to assist the Organization in gathering information about the employees: //

The interview will be conducted in a way that it will elaborate the issues of the different levels of employees effectively. The key issues of different levels of employees to be considered while conducting interview can be described as ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1165 words with references.