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Four (4) Theories of Leadership

Please describe the following leadership theories for understanding: Attributional theory, Transactional (charismatic) theory, Substitutes for Leadership theory, and Emotional Intelligence theory.

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Attribution Theory of Leadership

It was developed in a 'situational' perspective of leadership. In this theory, leaders need to understand how their staff will react to some situations so that they can motivate them and improve performance. They also study which factors can guide and become a cause for employees to achieve more hence they should be able to gauge cause and effect of certain situations if applied to their staff. They are able to motivate their staff, predict their behaviour and this theory is good to set strategic learning goals. This theory helps managers understand why their staff and the organization as a group behaves in certain ways.

An example of this theory is when you are the manager of an office and you have a staff who is new and is in charge of typing correspondences and a few messenger duties. You notice that though he is able to do his job, he is more motivated and efficient when it comes to the messenger tasks. You search for his resume and found out that he needs typing training to be able to type fast and to learn proper letter formatting. So you suggest for him to take these classes for him to be more motivated and improve his performance in the job.

Transactional (charismatic) ...

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