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Efficiency and effectiveness

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You are the department head and operational leader of an ambulatory health clinic that is a subsidiary of a large health system. The CEO of your health organization comes to your office and states that she is not happy with the efficiency of the new ambulatory clinic she does not believe that the new clinic is being effective. She wants you to devise a plan of correction.

Come up with three different measures for efficiency and thee different measures of effectiveness that you feel are uniform and applicable to the ambulatory clinic.

I utilized a conceptual model for this assignment. I identified productivity, cycle time and customer response time for efficiency and employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and communication for effectiveness. Not sure of the appropriate process for utilizing a model. Any help would be appreciated.

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Pharmacist-Patient Relationship Development in an Ambulatory Clinic Setting. Academic Journal By: Hermansen, Carol J.; Wiederholt, Joseph B. Health Communication. 2001, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p307-325. 19p.

Utilizing the scholarly journal article provided for this summary, I ...

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This solution discusses the efficiency and effectiveness of leadership in an organization.

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