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    The Impact of the Internet

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    Describe some of the ways the Internet has or has not impacted the way you, (1) make travel plans, (2) read news, and (3) decide which movie to see next.

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    In the past, those who want to travel used to speak with a travel agent or book their tickets for transportation (car, boat/ship, train or airlines) and reserve the hotels themselves. They also prepare for their own itinerary and other matters pertaining to their travel plans. They have more flexibility and more time to associate with people who can help them create an exciting adventure during their trip and vacation. They talk to real people to plan their trip so that they have an idea of which places are good to visit and stay. With the onset of the Internet, it is now very possible to use it to research not only destinations but also compare prices as well. Learning more about websites are just few clicks away. Companies/websites such as Travelocity and Expedia offer services that show a list of the options for travel such as airlines and fares, hotels with their prices and helps you with booking/reserving them. When a prospective traveller use their service and pay them, they get commission for the sales. It is where they become profitable in their business.
    For many years, the way to watch movies was to visit the local movie theaters and see if you will like to watch the movie that is shown at that time, which usually changes schedule every week depending on the demand. Sometimes there is no need to go there directly as some friends or relatives might have been talking about the recent movie program in the theatres near their place. Once at the theater, the moviegoer pays for the ticket and gets in and leaves anytime he or she is ...

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    * how the Internet/technology has changed the way people make or prepare travel plans
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