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Importance of Standardized Protocol Systems

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A medical assistant is asked to work in a newly opened office that is also owned by the physician. The expansion has been discussed for many months and is well anticipated. The medical assistant has proven a good employee in the medical office A, and this is why she has been asked to work in the new office. The hope is that the assistant will be as effective in office B as in office A. Once she arrives at the new office, the medical assistant quickly realizes that the systems and protocols, she has become an expert in will have to be significantly modified for use in the new office.

Explain the importance of standardized protocol or systems when a practice has multiple offices in a given geographic area and employees are expected to rotate among different offices.

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Standardization is important because it promotes repeatability in the way things are done. By standardizing an operation, variables are reduced and processes are streamlined in a way that ...

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