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Trial Balance-adjusting entries; Bank Reconciliation

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The trial balance of Ramsey Company shows the following balances for selected accounts on November 30, 2003:
Prepaid Insurance $10,000 Unearned Revenue $ 2,400
Equipment 60,000 Notes Payable 20,000
Accumulated Depreciation 6,600 Interest Payable 400

Instructions: Using the additional information given below, prepare the appropriate monthly adjusting entries at November 30. Show computations.

A. Revenue for services rendered to customers, but not yet billed, totaled $6,000 on November 30.
B. The note payable is a 12%, 1 year note issued September 1, 2003.
C. The equipment was purchased on January 2, 2002, for $60,000. It has an estimated life of 10 years and an estimated salvage value of $6,000. Ramsey uses the straight-line depreciation method.
D. An insurance policy was acquired on June 30, 2003; the premium paid for 2 years was $12,000.
E. Ramsey received $2,400 revenue in advance from a customer on November 1, 2003. Three-fourths of this amount was earned by November 30.

A review of the November 30 bank statement and other data of James Company reveals the following:

1. Balance per bank statement on November 30 $18,800
2. Balance per books on November 30 $12,458
3. NSF Check from J. Smith in payment of account $320
4. Collection of $4,500, 4-month, 12% note with a $45 collection fee. No interest
had been accrued 4,635
5. Deposits in transit at November 30 3,200
6. Outstanding checks at November 30 5,400
7. A check written by James to Green for equipment on November 10 was
recorded at $463 but correctly cleared the bank at $436.
8. A check drawn on the account of Jomes Company for $200 was mistakenly
charged against James' account by the bank.

Instructions: Prepare the November 30 (a) bank reconciliation (omit heading) and (b) related journal entries.

Amount Amount
Balance per bank statement $18,800 Balance per books $12,458

Adjusted balance per bank $ Adjusted balance per books $

Account Titles Debit Credit

Please see attached.

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Prepares the monthly adjusting entries and bank reconciliation and related journal entries.

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