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intellectual biography about Robert E. Lucas, Jr

I need help writing an intellectual biography about Robert E. Lucas, Jr and economic philosophy including his contemporary economic issue and how this economist would respond to today's economic issues. And, "his 1995 Nobel Prize in economics for having developed and applied the hypothesis of rational expectations"!

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"This intellectual biography traces the development of Robert E. Lucas, Jr in the social, religious, and intellectual context of [his time]. Lucas' upbringing and education shows the role [higher learning] played in the development of his ground‐breaking work in [economics]. Details of his relationships with others on his work - both through collaboration and through conflict - [are discussed], along with how this Nobel Prize winner would respond to today's economic issues."

Robert E. Lucas, Jr
Who is Lucas? Is he still alive? Where was Lucas born; and what were his early origins like; family, peers, and environment? has a great deal of information about Lucas (see link below). However, it would be best to start with his beginning, and then proceed with his education, and later life as an economist that eventually won the famous Nobel Prize in Sweden. Depending on how many pages are required by your professor, you may wish to go as "deep" as needed to supply information for this assignment.

To continue, the University of Oregon says:

"Intellectual biographies offer insights into 1) the person's life; 2) the intellectual and creative work of the person; 3) the relationship between life and work; and 4) the significance of the life and work historically. Ask yourself the following questions: Why am I interested in this subject? Why does this subject matter?
• Identify the larger ...

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