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Sales Forecasting Questions

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Will you please help with the following 2 questions? I have attached an example of excel sheet problems but you do not have to use this.


Please use the following data in MS Excel to answer the below questions

Month Unemployment Rate (%)
1 5.1
2 5.6
3 5.3
4 5.5
5 5.3
6 5.2
7 6.3
a) What is the average unemployment rate? ________
b) What is the median unemployment rate? ________
c) Find the regression line? (y = a + bx) ________¬¬¬¬¬______


Please use the following data to answer the below questions. Please use MS Excel to help solve these problems

Share of Drugs in X market Efficacy of Drugs
18.3 4
6.7 1
28.3 4
21.7 4
15.0 3
23.3 4
11.7 2
20.0 4
31.7 5
21.7 3
28.3 3
3.3 1
25.0 4
26.7 4
16.7 3
30.0 5
25.0 3

a) What is the median share?
b) Compute the mode for the efficacy.
c) Find the standard deviation (for the population) for the share.
d) What is the correlation of share and efficacy?

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