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    Article Review: Core values and major issues in student affairs practice: What really matters?

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    Are the core values discussed in this article what you and others you may know who are long time student affairs professionals consider to be the "right" core values and do they address the major issues confronting those working in this area?

    Are there other values and considerations that may have been overlooked by Helfgot or that have emerged since his article was written?

    Second, identify key professional associations within the field and talk about the role, function, and diverse contributions that these organizations may provide both to you and to the broader student affairs profession. In particular, explore the NASPA website at http://www.naspa.org/

    Helfgot's (2005) article, Core values and major issues in student affairs practice: What really matters?
    Blimling, G. S., & Whitt, E. J. (1999): Chapter 1, Appendix: Principles of Good Practice

    Here's a link to the article above: http://ehis.ebscohost.com/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=3&hid=22&sid=6d6f66fd-8b97-43da-9840-03a144ef271b%40sessionmgr115

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    Key Trends and Core Values

    At its core, student affairs help to mold and shape institutions so as to meet the demand of a changing and ever-increasing social-mediated world. While harnessing new roles; a the same time, student affairs must continue its traditional roles and responsibilities of meeting the learning and developmental demands of all students from different parts of the globe online and in brick and mortar settings.

    For most part; the core values that are associated with student affairs professionals and there are consider being the "right" core values are still alive; some take on new or additional meanings; and others require modification in order to address the major issues certain issues.

    Additionally, with the changing demographics on school campuses and the growth in social media and so on; several values and considerations may have been not necessarily overlooked by Helfgot (2005) and other authors of higher education; but perhaps rather now more significance and have emerged. While the traditions of care and services in advising, dormitory facilities, counseling, mentorship, athletics, admissions, registrations, are 'staples'; campus security have gained more presence on many campuses with the numbers of gun violence on campuses especially all over the United States.

    Nowadays, there is definitely a need for increased accountability and effectiveness and a show towards onus of responsibilities. Other more recent campus trends and examples that signify the growth and transformation include but are not limited to: multicultural programs; leadership development; developmental theories; shared governance and passion and fostering of higher education (NCFHE, 2006). Since then, there have also been a growth in studies and exchanges abroad; a refocusing on the learning experiences of students; more role and enhancement of student engagement and ...

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    The core values and major issues in student affairs practices are examined.