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Putting factory floor on-line benefit an organization?

For this case read the article below concerning connecting the factory floor to the intranet/internet. This seems to be an effective way to manage an organization's inventory.

When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on-line benefit an organization?

Factory Floors Go Online: Pioneering manufacturers close the final gap in their supply chains; InternetWeek; Manhasset; Mar 12, 2001; Michael Alexander. from library portal via coursenet.

For the majority of manufacturers, the plant floor is the weakest link in their supply chains, yet that is where they are apt to find the biggest payoff from e-manufacturing. Industrial equipment manufacturers, for example, have been fairly slow to jump on the e-business train. About 11% of these manufacturers are actively tying the plant floor to the Internet. Two exceptions are the semiconductor and computer equipment industries, where ferocious competition is impelling manufacturers to connect their plant floors with the top floor of their enterprises. The number of companies that have plugged their shop floors into the Internet is not what one might expect, but it is rising rapidly, according to some experts.

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When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on-line benefit an organization?

Putting factory floor data on-line has one central benefit: better monitoring of factory events. Why would this be a benefit? Aren't there already factory workers that are monitoring the factory events? Well, yes. However, increasing the number of experts and the number of smart analytical software that can review situations, increases the chances that out-of-calibration or non-standard activities will be noticed and noticed quicker. In addition, the sooner you stop the non-compliant work, the less re-word, scrap and potential after sale ...

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