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    Process improvement opportunities & work-in-process inventory

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    1) Give some examples of process improvement opportunities within your organization or one with which you are familiar. How would you implement these improvements? What would be the benefits? What would be the risks? What are some of the more common elements of risk in managing a project? How can risk be mitigated?

    2) How does your organization, or one with which you are familiar, manage its work-in-process inventory? How can having more work-in-process inventory improve the efficiency of a process? Conversely, how can it decrease the efficiency of a process?

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    1) A strategic goal of company X is to provide a "Secure and Reliable Infrastructure". One method the directorate is utilizing to meet this goal, is through the implementation and use of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PKI provides a means to secure the infrastructure by providing data confidentiality, data integrity, and authentication services to the end user. The processes and procedures prevent the efficient distribution of certificates, and create an inconvenient environment for customers.

    Current Process of Issuing A PKI Certificate

    In order to help secure the network infrastructure, Company X requires all personnel utilizing company networks to obtain and utilize a PKI certificate. This presents some challenges for the company. Many personnel that utilize the network are stationed around the world. This creates quite a challenge for the company to issue PKI certificates to those personnel not geographically located at company HQs.

    The current issuance process starts with a request by the customer for a PKI certificate. There are three preliminary steps that must take place prior to the customer obtaining their certificate. These steps must be completed in order. First, customers must register to obtain their certificate. This process is completed online. The customer can choose to complete the registration process from their desktop, or they may choose to register at a kiosk with the assistance of a "Trusted Agent" (TA). Each kiosk is manned by a TA. The TA is an individual that has been provided the necessary training and has received the required security credentials to grant certificates to customers. The actual registration process is a means of verifying that the customer is permitted to receive a PKI certificate. For instance, the registration process will determine whether the customer has the necessary security clearance to obtain a certificate. Secondly, the customer must complete and sign a "User Acknowledgement Form". This form identifies procedures the customer must follow when using their certificate. By signing the form, the customer agrees to follow the rules and regulations that govern its use. Like the registration process, this process can also be ...

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