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    strategic partnerships to help international expansion

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    A leading hospitality, real-estate development, and lifestyle company recently announced its plan to expand internationally through the use of strategic partnerships, and specified a new partnership with another company. Research this Web site, and provide a response to the following:

    ?Discuss how the strategic partnerships that have experience in local markets will help to make international expansion possible.
    ?Identify a foreign market that you feel this company should enter next, and explain why it should enter that market and which of the strategies should be used.
    ?Explain the challenges from competition in the local market, and how the company might respond strategically to the competition.

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    Strategic partnerships and international expansion:

    Strategic partners with experience when it comes to local markets have the capability of making international expansion possible as a result of many reasons. In the international market, changes are known to be in existence when it comes to the international operations. These changes can be as a result of international rates which are known to be uneven as a result of multi directional pull while the difficulties experienced are as a result of number of markets available in which the firm is involved in.

    Strategic partnerships with experience on the local market experience have the capability of making international expansion possible as they have knowledge of market entry. As a result of their experience, market entry strategies are some of the factors which they will have a complete knowledge of while at the same time highly required while entering an international market.

    In addition, they also have experience on the various tactics ...

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    The strategic partnerships to help international expansions are determined.