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National Basketball Association's International Strategy

NBA going global: National Basketball Association's International Strategy


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//As per the directions, we will write about the case analysis of the 'National Basketball Association' (NBA). The case analysis will be helpful in analyzing the strategic routes and modes used by NBA for entering the international market. Along with this, the case analysis will also cover the international growth perspective of NBA. //

Case Analysis: NBA Going Global

The case National Basketball Association's International Strategy was written for use in international marketing or international business. It explains the decision of NBA going global or international. The case provides the opportunity to analyze international expansion opportunities that National Basketball Association is facing. The case explains the success of the NBA abroad as in domestic nations. It also explains the analysis of three different foreign target markets like Europe, Latin America and China (Moon & Lawrence, 2004).

The case explains the various strategic routes and modes for entering the market. The entry mode includes the exporting, franchising, licensing and foreign direct investment. The case also illustrates the different risks and opportunities associated with the target markets for doing business on an international scale. It also highlights the importance of carefully managing brand image during international expansion and provides a context for discussing the relative merits of using a standardized marketing strategy across all international markets compared to customizing marketing strategy to specific markets (Moon & Lawrence, 2004).

The National Basketball Association has perused international growth through a variety of different tactics over the past several decades. It has undergone a dramatic change in last many years. The franchises of NBA were highly in demand due to the games played in arenas. The NBA has seen a dramatic influx of foreign-born players, due to the success of its international campaign. They have also enjoyed the growing revenue streams coming from outside the United States (Moon & Lawrence, 2004).The basketball association has begun discussing options for further international market penetration like oversea franchise teams and regional leagues based overseas. NBA has reached over 750 million household, over 212 different countries in more than 42 languages.

//Above, we discussed about the case analysis of NBA. Now, we will write about the strategies for entering new market to ...

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