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Tata Motors Global Entry Strategy

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Organization: Tata Motors of Tata Group of India
Home country: India
Host country: Columbia


1) How will the organization pay for entry into the host country (Columbia)? Has the organization used this method of finance before? What was the outcome of that decision?

2) Does the organization have an R&D department, an information technology or information systems department, and/or accounting department? What changes (if any) will the organization have to undergo in order to utilize the entry strategy into the host country? Describe concisely the R&D, IT, and/or Accounting strategies that the organization will use in the host country.


1) There will be problems during each phase of the entry strategy. Briefly describe the issues or problems that the organization could face during its entry into the host country.

2) Then explain the steps you will employ to combat these problems or issues during entry into the host country.

Does the organization possess the needed resources and/or competencies to effectively manage the entry strategy over the short-term (less than one year?)

1) If not, can the organization 'grow' the needed resources to effectively combat any problems facing it during entry into the host country?

2) If so, is the organization in danger of over-using its resources in order to enter the host market?

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//The paper is concerned about the market entry strategies considered by TATA motors. Discussion is emphasized on the modes of payment for Tata motors to get into new market sectors. Along with that, the research and development department is also the concerned area of this paperwork//


Tata motor is very renowned and famous company on the world map in the automobile sector. There are several aspects that are associated with Tata to describe about their achievements. Tata motor is considered as the representative of Indian manufacturing industry. There are lots of national and international players in the Indian automobile sector and Tata motor is enjoying second position in the market place. In spite of this fact, Tata motor is not having a remarkable position in the international automobile sector, although the organization is continuously trying to make entry in the untapped market sections all over the globe. There are various strategies that are adopted to get entry in new areas and at the same time, there are several modes of payment for this. From the track record of Tata motors, the common strategy to get entry in new markets can be determined, which can be used by the organization to get entry in the Columbian market.

Tata Motors Market Entry

There are several strategies to get entry into a new market area and get oneself established there. The selected strategy should have congruence with the market situations. The market situation is meant to be the degree of competition, current market players, demand and supply forces and many others. In spite of a decreased trend towards automobiles due to economic downturn in the world economy, there are certain areas with potential growth opportunities. To ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1147 words with references.

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