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Training program for an expat

You are the head of the IHRM department of an international British Architecture Firm and the CEO has decided to send an expatriate to Puente Alto, Chile to open a new office.

You need to organize a complete training program for the expatriate. He will spend 2 years in Puente Alto and then he is expected to come back to the Headquarters. He is married with two kids.

Please include the three phases of training:

- Before going to Chile
What does the expatriate should know? How is he going to learn about it?

- While in Chile
Management style, work environment, adaptation to the local organizational culture.

- After Chile once he arrives
Motivational strategies to convince him to come back. Re-adaptation to the parent company.

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Training program for the expatriate would include the following three phases:

1) Before going to Chile

Before going to Chile, a proper training program should be devised to provide predeparture assistance to expatriate. First and foremost, the training program should provide expat with a clear understanding regarding the type of assignment he is required to undertake and what are the job duties and responsibilities he has to handle while working in Chile. He should be guided regarding his career opportunities so that he is motivated to give his best performance. It is very important to train expat and his family on basic language skills so that they can easily manage their day to day working without much difficulty. They should be given basic training on Spanish language to ...

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