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    Ethics and complying with foreign laws

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    Is it ethical for a U.S. company to simply comply with the laws of the foreign country in which it is operating? Should U.S. laws be applicable to organizations operating in a foreign country? If so, who should enforce these laws? Explain your answer.

    - Choose a historical example of an ethical dilemma that deals with global business.

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    I believe that a US company is obligated to place higher standards, expectations and restrictions on their employees when operating in a foreign country. The ethical guidelines that we follow in the United States should apply globally and the US based executives should set up committees to help maintain these guidelines. We are guests and example setters when we operate on foreign lands, and ...

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    This solution discusses if it is ethical for a U.S. company to comply with the laws of a foreign country in which it is operating. It also discusses who should enforce the laws. It is 228 words and provides three topic ideas on ethical dilemmas in global business with references.