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    International Economic & Political Turmoil Impact on Leadership

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    International economic and political turmoil creates new demands on leadership in global enterprises. How does this turmoil impact the conventional wisdom approaches to Situational and Transformational leadership; and is there a new/hybrid doctrine that is more reflective and descriptive of current opportunities such as the "Arab Spring"?

    If possible, use references please.

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    Global Enterprises:

    The global enterprises are business owned entities that operates internationally with the enter world system as the main business environment. The huge market that the global enterprises hold has a lot of variables that affects the general operations. Through these problems, the operations of the global economy are made to experience high market cuttings. The losses prompt a lot of alterations in the organizations and the world economic entities that operate globally. These changes that have occurred have led to a shift to the emphasis on the political and economical problems that are facing the market (Cherry, 2011).

    The Wisdom approaches:

    In the challenging global enterprise, there are varied approaches that can be utilized to solve the problems that are experienced. To evolve the society into a complete arena where the problems are solved intellectually, the use of the wisdom approach has contributed a lot. Through this approach the global economy is looked at with a scholarly eye so that the activities can be ordered into a system that is whole. The wisdom approach aims to utilize the intelligence mode to solve alter the situations in the market economy. The practical modes that are to be applied in the global arena should have some aspect of intellectual touch. These systems improve the decision making capacity of the ...

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    The solution discusses how international economic and political turmoil impact conventional leadership.