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    Strategic Alliances and Networks

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    3. Entering foreign markets, by definition, means not investing in a firm's home country. What are the ethical dilemmas here? What are your recommendations as (1) MNE executives, (2) labor union leaders of your domestic (home country) labor forces, (3) host country officials, and (4) home country officials?

    4. Drawing on the industry-based, resource-based, and institution-based views, explain how Pearl River, from its humble roots, became China's and the world's largest piano producer.

    5. Why did Pearl River's top management believe that the firm must engage in significant internationalization (beyond the direct export strategy)?

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    // To achieve a good brand image on a global basis, the organizations need to be competent in every aspect whether it is resource, technology, industry or on the basis of the institution. Further, for a company to expand globally, it is essential to consider the ethical issues involved. The following discussion focus on the ethical issues and the reasons for China being the world's largest piano producer.//

    Answer 3: Ethical Dilemmas

    The ethical issues while moving to the foreign markets include providing due respect to the basic human rights and the local traditions. Apart from this, consideration about industrial espionage and corruption is also a matter of concern for the companies to expand into the foreign markets. Moreover, equal treatment to employees and their interest is also essential for the foreign entrants in due regard to the relationship with the country environment. Furthermore, safeguarding the interests of the customers of the country and their ethical rights is the prime concern for those entering into the foreign markets (Gangone, 2010).
    In this regard, MNE's should have proper knowledge about the etiquette and the customs of the international companies. Apart from this, familiarization with the laws of ...

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