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    Enterprise Networks: Bus or Star Topology

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    Let's say that your company is in the process of upgrading the network infrastructure, which involves moving from a 10BaseT to 100BaseT network. Currently, they use bus topology in the network. As a member of the data network team, you are asked to take care of a portion of this upgrade. And, you would also like to suggest they move from Bus topology to Star topology.

    - Justify your suggestion to update to Star topology?
    - What updates you would have about network hardware in order to move to 100BaseT?
    - How would you provide the best desktop connectivity for end users, and the fastest possible throughput and security for the payroll department?

    In addition, decide what type of devices to use in the closet. also can you please provide enough detail to fully support your opinion and any arguments.

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    //Information technology plays a vital role in not only speeding the everyday work in an organization, but also ensures speedy flow of data from one department to another. Information technology also helps big organizations in saving their data and other crucial information from intruders or theft by providing various security measures. In providing high speed and security, networking along with topology, plays significant role; and same will be the focus of the following discussion.//

    100BaseT Network and Star Topology:

    Heavy work load in an organization can be handled with the help of several networking plans, which enable fast, and smooth flow of data; 100BaseT is one of those networks. In this network, the first part, which is numeric "100", means speed of 100 megabyte per second, the second part which is "Base" shows that only Ethernet base-band signal can be carried through this medium (Rouse, 2007). Whereas, the last character "T" shows the physical medium that carries the signal.

    In order to make this network more effective, a networking topology is used. Network topology means the way by which different components are arranged in order to establish a network. It is related to designing and structuring of network layout, physically and logically. In order to make networking more convenient, star topology is used. A star topology is mainly used for Local Area Network (Star topology, 2005). In this, various computers or other hardware are connected to one hub forming a star. A hub is a networking device, which is used for interconnecting various computers and other devices related to networking (Hub, 2013). It is called star ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1044 words with references.