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Crisis Management

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What is an emerging crisis management consideration? How would you analyze this emerging crisis? What business continuation recommendations would you have for responding to that emerging crisis?

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I always find it helpful to begin a discussion on crisis managment with a reminder of how we define a crisis. A crisis usually starts out as a routine emergency (which can be planned for), and then somehow quickly balloons into the crisis. For some very good case studies, I reccomend the recently published book by Arnold Howitt. When you have an "emerging" crisis there are any number of considerations. I am going to put this in the context of transitional forest fires because its a basic example, and pretty ...

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The solution does a number of things. First, it defines "crisis" and what an "emerging crisis" is. Secondly, it provides examples of well-known crisis management cases from recent history. Finally, it applies the assignment questions to those scenarios.

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