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Evolving Phases of Technology and Technological Innovation

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Discuss the evolving phases of technology throughout history and what fuels technological innovation today.

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The evolving phases of technology

Foshay (n.d.) classified the technology introduction in three (3) phases, namely, a.) the "Gee Whiz" phase, b.) The "What's It Good For?" phase, and c.) The "Transformation" phase.

The "Gee Whiz!" phase concerns with "what is being done with the technology focus on the application itself, and the challenges of getting it running. Evaluation of effectiveness, if any, is usually limited to some kind of 'smile scale' to indicate that everyone had fun using the technology". According to Forshay, this phase can go on for years, and many technologies never make it past this phase.

The "What's It Good For?" phase. This phase, Forshay continues, occurs when "enough research is done on these models so that sophisticated users begin to understand both the ...

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The solutions shows how technology evolved over time. The discussion also shows that competition fuels technological innovation.

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