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    Case - A Question of Character

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    Read and analyze: A Question of Character by Suzy Wetlaufer

    The case study analysis should:
    1. Identify the problem
    2. Discuss the various alternatives that could be taken
    3. Discuss the potential strengths and weaknesses of each alternative
    4. Selection of a solution (Which course of action would you take and why)
    5. Include at least one or two cited sources that back-up main assertions in the analysis
    Note:You should cite the source within the document and at the end. Minimum 500 words

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    1. Identify the problem

    The problem for the Board of Directors is whether or not to keep a successful CEO because of questionable character issues. The responsibility of the Board of Directors is to the stockholders.

    In this regard, CEO Ryan has maintained the stock prices at the highest levels it has ever been. The company IPO reaped enormous rewards for the stockholders. The problem is one of character. Some of the board members question whether the branding of a Girl Power cosmetic firm will suffer due to an extramarital expose. The company is all about Girl Power and not letting men put down women. Also the corporate charity is called Families First, a charity that Ryan and his wife co chair. Others question if the morale of the employees would suffer. Lastly, some board members, like Carol Tompkins, question Ryan's ability to lead, will employees trust him, if he cheats on his wife.

    2. Discuss the various alternatives that could be ...

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    The various alternatives that could be taken are discussed.