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    Digitized data collection systems

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    Companies that use digitized data collection systems generate information that can provide many knowledge nuggets dealing with customer buying preferences. One issue that is contentious with employers is ownership of that information. Companies have employees that work with that information on a daily basis.

    1) What can employers expect from employees with regard to nondisclosure when going to work for another firm?

    2) What part of an information asset belongs to an organization and what is simply part of an employee's general knowledge?

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    //With the digitization and easy accessibility of the information, it has become crucial for companies to restrict the employees from utilizing the confidential data of the organization. In this essence, the following section has discussed the aspects of the non disclosure agreement, which prevent an employee to disclose the sensitive organizational information when going to work for another firm.//

    When an employee leaves an organization to work in a different company, which might operate in the same industrial segment, it is necessary that he abides by the trade secrets of the previous company. For an organization that uses the digitized information, the commercial information of the organization is required not to be disclosed by the employee. The commercial information involves the marketing strategy adopted by the organization, the customers' requirements, buying preferences and their profiles, as well as the sales method used by the company (Beatty & Samuelson, 2006). It is also the responsibility of the organization to identify the trade secrets associated with his business so that those can be ...

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    The expert determines what employers can expect from employees with regards to nondisclosure when going to work for another firm. What part of information assets belongs to an organization and what is general knowledge is determined. The response addresses the query posted in 674 words with APA referencing.