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Taxable income - GAAP financial statements

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Mohican Inc. has the following items on its GAAP financial statements:

Net income per the financial statements is $5,000,000.

A $7,500,000 contingent liability and related expense for legal damages is included in the financial statements. The footnote indicates that the company sold defective tires to various automobile manufactures. Extensive property damages resulted. The suit is still in process, but the lawyers are convinced that Mohican will have to pay the full amount of damages.

There is $1,000,000 of bad debt expense on the financials. The footnotes indicate that the company uses the allowance method to determine its bad debt. The finance department's records indicate that the company actually wrote off $1,500,000 of bad debts during the year using the direct write off method.

Calculate taxable income for the year based solely on this information. Calculate taxable income for the year based solely on this information.

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To determine taxable income from financial income you start with the given financial income and make necessary adjustments. First you are given that 7,500,000 is an expense ...

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