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    Fiedler's Contingency Theory ------- may require opinion

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    A CEO of a medium size technology company was losing market share to competition; also have been losing employees in droves to the competition. How would you use Fiedler's Contingency Theory to address the problem: Indicate how the plan will address the problems, how the plan incorporates elements of effective communication processes, and what outcomes can be anticipated with implementation.

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    Let's start our analysis with some thinking about what might be going on.
    <br>Loss of market share could reflect effective actions by competitors, for example, pricing, advertising, sales promotion efforts, changing customer wants and needs, or technology changes.
    <br>Briefly put, Fiedler's Contingency Theory posits that leadership effectiveness depends on whether situational characteristics fit the manager or managers affected.
    <br>To carry that idea farther, if a fit could be found between some leader trait or behavior, that insight could be used in four productive ways:
    <br>1) Change the leader's traits or behaviors to create a better fit with the requirements of the situation.
    <br>2) ...