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Value of Membership to a Professional Organization

Please read the attached article, choose a professional organization, and explain why membership would be valuable. You may choose from the links below or any other professional organization you desire. Please include the link to their website if you do not choose from this list.







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Association Membership Overview

This report will establish the value of the following three association memberships, in regards to the furtherance of the company's growth and mission.

The Information Society for the Information Age is an association that provides a forum for bringing people together to bridge the gap between the unique needs of researchers, developers and end users, and furthering the opportunities between new technologies and applications. (Membership, 2006)

This organization has been in existence since 1937, in an attempt to bring about new theories, technologies and approaches to accessing information. As this company's needs for information warehousing continues to grow, I believe that membership in this organization would be very beneficial. It will open our network of knowledge to the entire membership, and we will then have the opportunity to attend the annual conference and learn about the latest technological advances in handling information. The purpose of this ...

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This solution discusses the value of membership to a professional organization.