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    Business Ethics & Professional Development

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    Set forth and explain three unique ways you as an employee contributed to an organization's productive efforts. Were you specifically recognized for each contribution?
    If so, how?
    Was then recognition appropriate? Why or why not?
    If you were not specifically recognized for your contributions, set forth a few appropriate ways you could have been so recognized.

    Professional Development

    How often do you express your appreciation for the contributions made by your fellow employees?
    Do you believe that expressing such appreciation is necessary? Why or why not?
    Could expressing appreciation for contributions be harmful? Why or why not?

    Issues to Consider

    Teamwork is indeed emphasized by many business leaders, but some teams work better than others. Set forth and explain five ways to make teamwork in any organization more effective.

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    I am the production manager in the textile factory since 7 years. Time and again I have made contribution to improve the productivity and to reduce the costs of the operations. I will tell you my three major contributions. First of them was to improve the productivity of the labour by setting a production linked incentive scheme. The organization rewarded me by giving me a handsome year-end bonus. My next contribution was to reduce the stock level at every stage of the production process by executing JIT (Just in time inventory management system) which resulted in lot of saving for the organization. I was rewarded by the promotion.

    My third major contribution was the reduction in process loss and improving the critical process of the operations. At this time I was rewarded by a Car and given a higher responsibility.

    Thus the appropriate ways of recognizing is satisfying the needs of the employees. For this the work condition must be made excellent, higher status can be granted, transparent policies and procedures must be implemented to improve the relationship. Some job security can also be given to the staff. Motivation will come from the need for recognition for achievements, and the desire to gain higher levels of responsibility.

    According to James Lindner (1998), a study was conduct by the Piketon Research and Extension Center which asked participants to rank motivation factors from 1 being most important to 10 the least important. The motivation factors where ranked as follows: 1) interesting work, (2) good wages, (3) full appreciation of work done, (4) job security, (5) good working condition, (6) promotions and growth in the organization, (7) feeling of being in on things, (8) personal loyalty to employees, (9) tactful discipline, (10) sympathetic help with personal problems

    Thus the above ...

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