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Employees and non compete laws

The section on principles of justice used noncompete agreements as an example. How would you expect the use of noncompete agreements to affect voluntary turnover? How might the use of these agreements affect job withdrawal and job satisfaction? Besides requiring noncompete agreements, how could an organization reduce the likelihood of employees leaving to work for competitors? Would these other methods have a better effect on employee satisfaction?

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The use of non-compete agreements is more to keep people with the potential from being wooed by other companies, but also to have access to lists of clients, potential clients, marketing and sales plans, and vendor lists and pricing. It often poses problems for workers who do wish to change companies for a variety of reasons. It seems to work best in R&D and Sales, but has been used in marketing, PR, and management. Motorola, when I worked for them in the ...

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A discussion on the idea of non compete clauses and their use in employee management.