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The Ramifications of Outsourcing

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1.Many U.S. computer companies fear that if they do not hire foreign talent, then competitors in other countries will. What is your position on this? Explain.

2.. More companies are embracing outsourcing of all or most of its human resource management activities. Do you agree or disagree with this trend? What risks is a company taking when it decides to outsource its entire set of human resource management activities? Describe a situation where it is most beneficial to retain most of the human resource management activities within a company.

3.Some feel that Asian Americans are too cautious and reserved to be leaders where as others feel that Asian Americans are unscrupulous in business. Defend one of the positions. Be specific in your defense.

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It is my belief that US computer companies do fear that if they do not hire foreign talent, that competitors in other countries will, due to the fact that this foreign talent can usually be hired at much less expense than the talented computer personnel that can be hired within the United States. The fear that competitors from other companies will hire foreign talent, is a very reasonable fear due to the economic feasibility of hiring foreign talent. One of the key reasons that this fear is substantiated, it due to the fact that foreign computer talent has increased in quality over the years, to the point that the technicians, programmers, systems analyst, etc., have increased their educational levels to such a degree, that these individuals provide the same quality of work that many US trained computer staff provide. This increasing training in foreign computer staff, makes these individuals very competitive with US trained and educated computer talent, which serves to multiply the benefits that US and foreign companies can derive from allocating their services. In essence, a great variety of foreign computer companies are heavily recruiting foreign talent ...

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