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Recommendations to branch into IT outsourcing

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What recommendations would you give to the brazilian government and its outsourcing industry in order to improve their prospects for success in building a strong international competitive position in the information technology outsourcing business?

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Outsourcing of information technology services to foreign countries is not a new concept; it has gone on for decades. The Brazilian government would be wise to conduct a SWOT analysis of the major components on how to be competitive in the international IT outsourcing realm.

Strengths may include a completely new environment for international countries to consider for outsourcing. For many years, IT related functions have been outsourced heavily to India and China. The government may be able to market and attract firms by "playing up" an over-saturation of outsourcing to these countries; whereas the supply of skilled IT workers may not keep ...

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Suggestions for how the Brazilian government can branch into the information technology outsourcing industry.

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