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Confidentiality Issues in Outsourcing

Since HRM outsourcing organizations practically perform any function within the HRM activities, however the most outsourced functions includes background checks, payroll, and health and pension plan administration. Based in those functions one may also argue that outsourcing decision involves confidentiality aspects, as among these outsourced function non is of high confidentiality.

What is the stake to regarding the effect of confidentiality in decision making process of what to outsource?

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Confidentiality is an important issue in outsourcing. When outsourcing any function within the HRM activities, the information that has to be sent to the vendor includes names, addresses, social security numbers, credit information, medical records, disciplinary records, current salary level, performance evaluation, and recruitment information. Each of this information is confidential. If this information is ...

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The answer to this problem explains HRM information confidentiality issues in outsourcing. The references related to the answer are also included.