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    Issues in International Financial Management

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    Identify and evaluate contemporary issues in international financial management description.

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    // There are many contemporary issues that affect the international financial management description. I am including some of the issues that I find most appropriate for the financial market. As per my research, I have tried to include some major points but due to lack of resources, I am unable to include everything. You are free to add other issues which you find suitable.//

    The discussion about internationalization and globalization has made a huge influence on the framework and processes of international financial management (Pandey, 2007). The ongoing trends suggest that the flow of private capital is increasing at a great pace and the institutional investors are concentrating on utilizing their leverage. The prominent issues in the international financial management at present are:

    1. Contemporary Policies of the IMF & the World Bank:

    These institutions are playing a major role in the global financial processes, facilitating the movements related to global capital and managing defaults and bail-outs. The IMF managed the ...

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    This solution discusses six major contemporary issues that affect international financial management including international institutions, globalization and development, local enforcement problems, debt, alternatives, institutional reform, and the idea of a single global regulator. This solution is 651 words with references.