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    Contemporary Issues in International Financial Management for Apple

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    Evaluate contemporary issues in IFM for the Apple Company.

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    Q: Evaluate contemporary issues in international financial management for the Apple Company.

    A major contemporary issue facing Apple, Inc is the global economic crisis, which reared its ugly head in the middle of 2007 and has continued to today. Global stock markets have collapsed, large financial institutions have fallen or have been bought out, and governments in the richest nations have had rescue their economies with bail-out packages. As an international player in the global arena, Apple too has felt the wrath of the financial crisis.

    Apple's iPhone is one of their significant products which raked in more sales than their iMac computer last quarter. To date, Apple has sold over 50M iPhones in just three years, ...

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    381 words. 2 references. APA format. It discusses contemporary issues in international financial management in regards to Apple, including the global economic crisis.