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Article review on currencies, how many should there be?

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I need your help using the internet or other resources to find 3 examples of a scholarly research article in a professional journal of interest to you.

Prepare a 700 word synopsis (for ONLY 1 example) of the article including the following: I would like to do the other 2 examples.

A) Define the business research and its purpose.
B) Explain the business problem(s) under investigation.
C) Identify the parties involved in conducting the research.
D) Describe the method(s) used to conduct the research project.

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The article I used was Hausmann, R. (1999) Should there be five currencies or one hundred and five? Foreign Policy Fall Vol 116

In 1999, the Cold War has ended and though there have been terrorist acts, 9/11 has not brought the world a new horror. The Taliban has been destroying the great Buddha statues, but the world is focused on capitalism, its growth, globalization, and the problems with economies not keeping up or showing any effort to join the new global marketplace. Some experts blame the fact that so many currencies are out there and since currencies are controlled, even on exchanges, by countries, this leads to many of the problems. Some countries tie their currency to others, many tie to the U.S. Dollar. Others prefer to float and gain or lose as they will on the exchange markets. But currencies are bought and sold based on the economic capabilities of a country and are in actuality a risk. So a country whose companies have signed long term contracts for items and trade can then deliver poorly made materials or overstate their abilities to provide and the currency turns sour. The IMF, which helps bail out countries has different problems since their ability to improve economies they loan to must be built on being able to provide stable currency in the process of attracting foreign investment. There is a lot of blame.

In 1999, the Cold War has ended and though there have been terrorist acts, 9/11 has not ...

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An article review from Foreign Policy magazine about how many different currencies there are and how many there should be considering governmental control and floating currencies.

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