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    Dell Incorporation

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    Introduce your product, company and country with a mission statement and objectives.
    Next, briefly discuss the following: Much of this information is probably available in firms' annual report. -

    a. Introduction
    1) Description of organization
    2) Description of product/service
    b. Mission statement for organization
    c. Regional analysis
    1) Brief political and economic history
    2) Regional alliances
    d. Country analysis
    1) Political
    2) Economic
    3) Cultural
    4) Business risk analysis
    a) Political risks
    b) Exchange risks
    c) Market risks
    5) Legal environment
    6) Trade barriers and support
    7) Taxation
    8) Ethical concerns
    9) Entry strategy
    a) Mode of entry-joint venture/joint ownership/foreign direct investment (FDI), etc.
    b) Product or service description
    c) SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends) analysis
    d) Differentiation and product modification
    e) Product life cycle (PLC) issues
    f) Market mix (4 Ps)
    g) Strategic goals
    10) Organization and human resource (HR) issues
    11) IT & Research and development (R & D) strategy
    12) Supply Chain Management
    13) Timeline for implementation
    14) Budget and cash flows - currency risk management and financing for your project
    15) Feedback, accounting, and control - process profits and repatriation of funds
    16) Exit strategy - evaluate divestiture of assets, handing over to joint venture partner, diversification, shutting down operation and contingencies for your global venture.
    17) Conclusion - make recommendations to the viability of your business plan.

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    //The given discussion paper is based on a global business organization named Dell Inc., which is an American computer Hardware Company. In this paper, we will discuss about the cumulative Global Business Plan. In this series, in the first section of the discussion paper I am describing the introduction about the company.//

    This case study is related to the Dell Computers. It is a personal computer manufacturer company. This study presents the company's various strategies, which are using to achieve the success and growth in the competitive environment. This research paper describes the background and related field such as finance, marketing, operation and production, risk analysis, human resource issues, product differentiation, product life cycle, strategic goals, cultural differentiation, budget and timeline implementation, supply chain management, SWOT analysis, trade barriers, DRETS analysis etc.

    SWOT analysis is related to the company's strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. I have explained in this paper that how demographic, regulatory, economic, technological and social factors interface with the company's product and what are the company's product lines. This paper shows the current strategies and changes in the strategies of the company. In this research paper, I am going to explain the various research methods to improve the status of Dell Computers. This research paper is on the critical approach and these solutions are based on the logical analysis. After this, I am also giving a personal opinion about this case and research paper. With the help of this paper, I am going to the effectiveness of the company's project and analysis.


    Dell Incorporation is an American computer- hardware company, which manufactures personal computers, devices, servers; software network switches etc and was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 with just $1000. The Headquarter of the company is situated in United Sates of America in Round Rock, Texas. The Direct Model of the company and Just in Time methods are the core competency of the company. With the help of these features, the company is able to offer its products much faster and cheaper than its competitors to its customers. In the year 1999, Dell Computer Corporation was in the second position in computer manufacturing behind Compaq.

    The company sells different products in the different market segments according to the products brand name. In the business class segment the company sells various products such as OptiPlex- Desktop computers Dell N-Series, Latitude- the commercial notebook, Vostro- it is mainly designed for the small businesses, Precision- high performance notebook, power edge, Power Vault, etc. At the level of home and consumer class, the company sells the following products: XPS- high performance system, Inspiron- the consumer desktop and notebook, dell monitors, LCD Plasma TVs monitors etc. The company also sells the products for the services and support to the customers such as Dell on Call for EMEA customers, hardware and software support products.

    //Above, we talked about the Dell Inc., which manufactures personal computers, devices, servers; software network switches etc. As per directions, we will discuss about the mission statement of the company. //

    Mission Statement of the organization:

    Dell computers wants to be the world's most successful computer company by providing the best service to the customers and delivering the best customer experiences in the business world. Dell wants to reach the highest level by serving its customers; the products of the high quality, at the reasonable price and the customer care services from its competitors. It wants to establish itself as the leading company in the technology with flexible customization applicability and with the financial stability. (Dell's Computer's Mission Statement, 2001).

    //Above, we discussed about the company's mission. Now, we will discuss about the regional analysis to make understand what actions takes place as per the economy. I tried to cover major points in this analysis. You are free to add more to the regional analysis, which you find suitable.//

    Regional Analysis:

    In the politics of Texas, the actions take place according to the economy under the government. In the Texas, the government regulates the economic outcomes and decisions. In this region, the activities of the business mainly depend upon the decision of the government according to the policies of the Texas. Dell is the high technology based company and with the help of this company, the economic status of Texas has changed.

    In the growth of the economy of the Texas and the company, it is known as the home of Texas. Due to the new innovations in the technological environment and the governmental approval of the Texas, the economical condition of both the company and the Texas improved very much in this particular region. In 1982, the sales of the Dell rose drastically and the company was enabled to reduce its operating expenses and other expenditures. The economic status of the company was increased. It was the one and only company, which were completing its order on time.

    In order to enter in the new market, the company was making alliances or mergers and acquisitions with the other companies. There was some alliance, which was made by the dell in order to serve the best products to its customers. Dell made regional alliances with Latin America due to its rapid growth and remove protectionist barriers to import in Brazil. It also made an alliance with the google to provided better the google software to its customers directly.

    //Moving to the next part of the instructions, we will discuss about the country analysis. In this section, we include all the points related to the country i.e. its government, policies, culture, etc. You are free to add more, which you think suitable. I am just furnishing you a brief overview to clear the concept of the functions of management.//

    Country Analysis:

    The company was founded in the Austin, Texas in U.S. In this country, the government of the states is free to organize and manage in their own way. Texas is the state of United States and there are seven members in the council of the government, which governs the law of the state. The policies of the government and selection of the Mayor is based on the democratic style. There are more than thousand of students who passed from the university of Texas in engineering and technology. The educational level of the state is very good and the company has no problem to recruit the high qualified and knowledgeable employees. In order to attract the other companies, it has a strong network feature. It is very beneficial for the small and large companies because of the favorable condition and governmental policies of the state.

    As the culture of the state, the people like music very much. They believe that music is the energy source of life to live happily. The people of this state make differences with the people of other states. There are lots of artists and talented people. It is a very good state to start a new ...

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