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    Thurston's Department store: Journalize transactions, post, prepare trial balance, prepare balance sheet and income statement

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    Review of Accounting

    Thurston's Department store had the following transactions during 2010 (the company's fiscal year is Jan, 1- Dec. 31).

    Jan 1 The company issued common stocks for $300,000 cash to start the business. (#of stock issued: 10,000 par value :$25/sh)
    Jan 1 Issued bonds for $300,000. (Par value of bond =$300,000)

    Jan 1 Brought equipment( copy machine) for $5,000 cash. (useful life= 5 years no salvage value)

    Mar 3 Brought merchandise for $40,000 cash

    Mar 11 Bought $5,000 merchandise from a supplier on account

    Apr 10 Sold Merchandise for $20,000 cash.
    The merchandise sold had a cost of $10,000

    Jul 20 Paid 3,000 for insurance

    Oct 15 Received payment on account from the customer ($12,000 cash)

    Oct 20 Paid back $4,000 to the supplier

    1. Journalize the transaction
    2. Post journal entries to the general ledger
    3. Prepare a Trial Balance
    4. Assume today is Dec 31, 2011. do an adjustment entry for depreciation. Use the straight line method
    5. Prepare a Trial Balance
    6. Close the accounts on the ledger.
    7. Prepare the balance sheet
    8. Prepare the income statement

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